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Is defined by clients needs and the needs of their targeted audience.


Developing many levels of engagement throughout a course will ensure a positive and productive end user experience.  


Begins with clear learning objectives and goals. From there, curriculum and content is created to match the desired outcomes.


Making connections between student-to-content, student-to-instructor and student-to-student will provide optimal engagment


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Jameson Crane Institute of Sports Medicine

Online Patient Support

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Drager, GmbH

Medical and Service Training

SPRINGER; Cerebral Palsy
A.I. Dupont Hosp. for Children Freeman Miller, Md

Clinical and Surgical Atlas and Training

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Worldwide Presentation



The Ohio State University   Jameson Crane Institute of Sports Medicine

University of California, San Francisco Department of Ophthalmology  - Ophthalmology Graduate Training Program

National Pars Service, Yosemite National Park: Environmental Learning Enrichment Kiosk

University of California, San Francisco  Department of Cardiology - Interventional Cardiology On-line Patient Tutorial 

National Institute of Health - Visible Embryo/ Human Development

Draeger GmbH., Lubeck Germany. Neonatal Ventilation Department. Training, Sales & Marketing, Research and Development.

Far-Web, L’Encyclopedie Mediclae,  Paris,  France 

Springer    Freeman Miller, M.D.   Cerebral Palsy

McGraw-Hill, Inc. Medical Division,  SA Glantz & BK Slinker. PhD.  Primer of Applied Regression & Analysis  of Variance

Princeton Review.  MCAT Review:  Edition VII. 

Journal of Neuroscience  Unique Expression Patterns of Cell Fate Molecules Delineate Sequential States of Dentate Gyrus Development. 
Journal of Virology Immuno-electron Microscopy Study.    

Development   RJ Weber, RA Pedersen, F Wianny, M Evans, M Zernicka-Goetz  Polaristy of the Mouse Embryo

IVOS (Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science)   Vol 42 (2)

Cell   Vol 96 (2)


•  Stan A. Glantz, PhD.                                                      •  Roger A. Pedersen, PhD.

    UCSF, Div. of Cardiology                                                  UCSF, Div. of Ob, Gyn & Rs

•  Brian Slinker, PhD.                                                         •  Magdelena Zemicka Goetz, PhD.

   Washington State Univ., Vet. Med.                                 Univ. of Cambridge, UK

•  Elyse Foster, M.D.                                                          •  William Grossman, M.D.

    UCSF, Div. of Cardiology                                                  UCSF, Cardiology – Chief

•  Elizabeth Ryan, M.D.                                                     •  Yoram Altschuler, PhD.

    Melbourne, Australia  Cardiology                                  UCSF, Dept. of Anatomy

•  Samuel J. Pleasure, PhD.                                              •  Dhanesh Gupta, M.D.

    UCSF, Div. of Neurology                                                  UCSF, Div. of Anesthes

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