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Xavier University

Cincinnati, OH

Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design

Minor in Biology

BIOL110     Biology I

BIOL111     Biology Lab I

BIOL210     Biology II

BIOL211     Botany Lab II

BIOL112     Zoology I

BIOL113     Zoology Lab I

BIOL350    Embryology 

BIOL351    Embryology Lab


CHEM110   General Chemistry I

CHEM111   General Chemistry Lab I

CHEM112   General Chemistry II

CHEM113   General Chemistry Lab II

CHEM220   Prin. of Physical Chemistry

CHEM221   Analytical Chemistry


PHYS104   Physics I

PHYS105   Physics I Lab

PHYS106   Physics II

MATH150   Calculus I

MATH156   Statistics


ARTS101    Two Dimensional Design

ARTS242    Graphic Design

ARTS342    Advanced Graphic Design

ARTS102    Drawing

ARTS104    Printmaking

ARTS105    Three Dimensional Design

ARTS110    Studio Class in Several Media

ARTS300    Figurative Ills-

ARTS112    The Aesthetic experience

ARTS203    Advanced Painting

ARTS204    Advanced Printmaking

ARTS202    Advanced Drawing

ARTS270    History of Art I

ARTS271    History of Art II Ren - present

ARTS274    Women and Their Art

ARTS440    Criticism


PHIL100     Ethics as Intro to Philosophy

PHIL336     Speculative Feminism

PHIL290     Theory of Knowledge

UNST100   E Pluribus Unum

PSYC101    General Psychology 

THEO272   Ethics

THEO315   Contemporary Ethical Issues  


ASLN101    American Sign Language I

ASLN102    American Sign Language IIENGL101  English Composition

ENGL205   Literature & Moral

ENGL124   Studies in Literature

HIST143     United States to 1865  I

HIST144     United States since 1865  II

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Ashland Univeristy

Ashland, OH

Bachelor Plus in Education

EDC1505    Intro to Principles of Instrc.

EDFN521    Theory & Practice 

EDFN531    Curriculum Development

EDFN588    Assessments, Instrc,
                     Evaluation & Inclusion

EDIS546      Intro to Ed. Intervention

EDFN202    Teaching & Learning 

EDFN503    School & Society 

EDFN587    Multicultural Field Exp.

EDCI607     Multi-Age pk-12

ART432       Teaching Art, Grades K-12

EDCI563     Adv. Studies in Lang. Arts.

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American College of Education

Indianapolis, IN

Masters of Education in Instructional Design and Technology

DL5703    Instructional Design

DL5713    Digital Age Learning

DL5723    Applying Learning Theories
                  in Instructional Design (ID)

DL5803    Evaluation and
                  Assessments of ID

DL5763    Trends in ID

DL5733    Design of Instructional

DL5773    Online Course Design

DL5783    Engaging Learners in
                  Online Instruction

DL5743    Advanced Design in
                  Instructional Media

RES5153  Research Methods

DL5091    Capstone Experience for

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