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Art Day - Art Program Initiative

`ART DAY - ART PROGRAM Coordinator, Fundraising co-chair 

In Hawaii, it is up to individual public schools to initiate their own art program and to fund it.  My role as a volunteer was to create an ART DAY in 2009 for the students of Sunset Beach Elementary School, which coincided with the inaugural school art program fundraiser.

ART DAY brought together 8 local artist, including myself, to work with each grade level in a different art medium to ensure a unique art experience for all k-6 students.

After the fundraiser, I worked with teachers, administration and PTA members to initiate a request for an art program to be established at the school once adequate funds were raised. 

From 2009 - 2014, I then continued to support art in the school by working to develop lesson plans, to meet state standards and core curriculum requirements, and volunteer teach in the classroom. 

SBES Supplemental ART Program Initiative proposal

I   Classroom Art Supplies – Provides teachers with an art fund to purchase art supplies for their classroom


II   Art Sessions  - Provides an Art curriculum, based off of the DOE’s benchmarks & standards, for each grade level and art instruction in each of the classrooms.

III   Art Days  - Exposes students to local artist along with getting students directly involved in school/community and individual art projects.

IV  KidsART Show – Showcases the students of SBES artistic talents in the visual and musical arts.

V    Art Fundraising – Allows for funding opportunities to support the SBES Art Program. The ART Program committee develops funding opportunities and assists with the PTCA’s ART Auction.

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