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Visual Design

Graphic design is very important in delivering powerful messages in the healthcare industry. It impacts the learner in multiple ways by helping to visually organize and present information concisely.

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Web Design

Web design supports the delivery of information in the virtual platform. Organizing content in an intuitive and consistent manner helps the learner access and navigate information and curriculum.

Instructional Design




2000-2003            Far-Web, L’Encyclopedie Mediclae,  Paris,  France

2001            UCSF Ophthalmology Graduate Training Program

2000            MultiMedia Kiosk:  Yosemite National Park: Environmental Learning Enrichment

2000            UCSF Interventional Cardiology On-line Patient Tutorial 

1998/1999            Visible Embryo/ Human Development:




2005      Freeman Miller, M.D.   Cerebral Palsy.  Springer

2001            SA Glantz & BK Slinker. Primer of Applied Regression & Analysis

            of Variance: Edition II. McGraw-Hill, Inc. – Medical Division

1997            Draeger GmbH. The Key to Breathing Harmony – Draeger Presse  Vol 1

1997            MCAT Review:  Edition VII.  Princeton Review. Bio-Chem.




2000            SJ Pleasure, AE Collins, DH Lowenstein  Unique Expression Patterns of Cell Fate Molecules Delineate Sequential States of Dentate Gyrus Development.  Journal of Neuroscience  20(16): 6103

2000            E Birgbauer, CA Cowan, DW Sretevan, M Henkemyer  Kinase independent function of EphB receptors in retinal axon pathfinding to the optic disc from dorsal but not ventral retinal.  Development  127,  p. 1237

2000            PT Ohara, MS Chin, JH LaVail    The Spread of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Trigeminal Neurons to the Murine Cornea: an Immuno-electron Microscopy Study.  Journal of Virology  Vol. 74, No. 10 p. 4777-4784

1999            RJ Weber, RA Pedersen, F Wianny, M Evans, M Zernicka-Goetz  Polaristy of the Mouse Embryo is anticipated before Implantation.  Development  126, p. 5596


Cover Illustrations

2001            IVOS (Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science)   Vol 42 (2)

2000            Development   Vol 127 (6)

2000            Cell   Vol 96 (2)



Commissioned Illustrations

•  Stan A. Glantz, PhD.                                                      •  Roger A. Pedersen, PhD.

    UCSF, Div. of Cardiology                                                  UCSF, Div. of Ob, Gyn & Rs

•  Brian Slinker, PhD.                                                         •  Magdelena Zemicka Goetz, PhD.

   Washington State Univ., Vet. Med.                                 Univ. of Cambridge, UK

•  Elyse Foster, M.D.                                                          •  William Grossman, M.D.

    UCSF, Div. of Cardiology                                                  UCSF, Cardiology – Chief

•  Elizabeth Ryan, M.D.                                                     •  Yoram Altschuler, PhD.

    Melbourne, Australia  Cardiology                                  UCSF, Dept. of Anatomy

•  Samuel J. Pleasure, PhD.                                              •  Dhanesh Gupta, M.D.

    UCSF, Div. of Neurology                                                  UCSF, Div. of Anesthes

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