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Management + Leadership


I designed this presentation on the topic of leadership development. Research into leadership development helped me to ascertain leadership's current role in the healthcare industry. Through further research, I refined the topic to examine how leadership and management together function in the current healthcare environment and the challenges they face.
One of the biggest challenges the healthcare industry faces is turnover rates. Leadership and management play a significant role in employee retention. Impacting turnover rates seemed relevant to those attending the presentation since high RN and physician turnover rates have resounding effects on healthcare organization's budgets.  High turnover rates were attributed to 1.) poor communication with management and 2.) a lack of administrative support and leadership.
Managers' and leaders' roles have changed over the past 10-15 years due to the decentralization of healthcare organizations and the increased pace of business and technology. Managers now manage teams of 30-50 people instead of the 10-20 employees from 10 years ago.  Leadership is slower to react to issues because of the remote nature of healthcare organizations and the vast amounts of data to process. This has placed the management's responsibility to assume more leadership roles to ensure all employee's needs are met and heard more promptly. The learning objective for this presentation focused on how managers can adopt the leadership skills of interpersonal communication, collaboration, and empathy to meet employees' challenges, hopefully leading to lower turnover rates.

Audience: Healthcare executives and employees in management and leadership positions. 

Responsibilities: Design and develop a presentation to be shared on multiple platforms and mobile devices. Adobe Captivate was chosen as the authoring ware since it has a responsive design built into its platform to display nicely on various devises. 
Research, outlining/mapping, storyboarding, scripting, graphic design, illustrating, and digital editing were implemented to create this presentation.
A presenter's guide, a participant guide, and an interactive game concept were produced.


Tools Used: Adobe Captivate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, PowToon and Google Suite, QuickTime

Screenshot 2023-03-28 110533.png

My Process


Research began with sourcing online, peer review articles, then looking through current trade publications. 

Determine Learning Objectives

Managers will be able to identify and implement leadership qualities that can aid in employee communication and relationships.

Apply Adult Learning Theory

I chose ARCS because leadership training requires motivation and relevancy to gain participants' attention, buy-in and satisfaction.  Focus was placed on customising the competency training to ensure it reflected the work environment of the healthcare professionals attending.


Phone interview on 3/20 with Bob Wagner, GOJO - Global Sourcing, Vice President 

Phone interview on 3/23 with Brant Russell, OhioGuidestone - President & CEO

notes listed below

Screenshot 2023-03-29 075903.png

Text & Storyboard

First, I created a text-based storyboard to chart the learners' journey and plan the content delivery. Next, I added in visuals to support the context of each slide. After the sequencing of slides were set, I then wrote a script for the presentation.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 181301.png

Visual Mockups

Due to time constraints, I used Adobe Illustrator to create simple graphics and imported them into Captivate to design the layouts. Typically, I would use Adobe XD to design various slide layouts for a project.

Illustration, Graphics & Animations development

Again, due to the time constraint of this project, I sourced illustrations and modified them using Photoshop and Illustrator to fit the specific content of each slide. Using photoshop,   I changed color schemes to suit the visual organization of the presentation. I also used photoshop to create a more diversified work force. 

PowToon was used to create an opening animation sequence to help attract the attention and interest of the target audience at the presentation's start.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 130644.png


The presentation was created using Adobe Captivate. Animation features were incorporated throughout to help keep the audiences' attention. 


COLLABORATION!  This project made me realize how much I miss collaborating. There were multiple project phases where I would have significantly appreciated feedback, input, and direction. 

Captivate: I created moving pathways that primarily relied on manipulating the timeline in this project. Unfortunately, I could not add scaling and rotation to these motion paths. This made some animation sequences less smooth than I hoped they would be. With more time I can smooth these out or find another solution.

LACK OF SME:  Sound, reliable information and text are integral to designing learning solutions. The sheer quantity of information and opinions on leadership out there is astounding. I see the value of the GLLI to healthcare professionals who need reliable and effective training solutions.

For this project, I sought out clarification from two sources. Bob Wagner provided insights into how management functions in an organization and how leadership/vision plays an integral part. Brant Russell helped with suggestions on scenarios management faces in the new healthcare landscape.  

Creative Freedom:  Given no templates or style guides, there was much creative freedom. I did look at Cleveland Clinics Global Leadership & Learning Institute's website for design ideas but could not locate any presentation samples.

ILLUSTRATIONS - I sourced the illustrations I used in the project on iStock and then manipulated them in photoshop. If this presentation was to be used formally, I would have purchased the illustrations or rights. Original illustrator, Grivina  info:

Interview Notes

Bob Wagner, VP of Global Sourcing  GOJO - PURELL

Phone interview to help understand leadership and management roles & needs.


LEADERSHIP at Cleveland Clinic

Multi-level approach

Leadership at all levels - Connect leadership with efficient execution

New levels of engagement - Top-down

The care of patients has to be a fundamental part of every job a CC (crew pit example)

Proactive spirit of care

Patient-Centric - Passionate focus on patient prioritizations


Simplicity @ a Mega Premium


Best take aways from my presentation would be… 


COMMUNICATION - 2-way sharing to enable leadership 




Instilling these leadership qualities in every team/management

Brant Russel, CEO & President OhioGuidestone Health

Phone interview to help come up with learning scenarios


OLD - 

Set Goals


Cascading Management

No sensitivity

Communication - Tell them what they need to know


Executive teams - Base manager managed 20 or so


Job Market - employers' market


Physicians - Bad culture, adding stress, tension

Nursing - Shortage, Seasoned nurses view new nurses as low on the ladder.






Social Interactions - ‘In the Room’, 4 whiteboards in his office to work on problems with whoever walks in. 

Collaborative solution finding, Team input

Lots of sensitivity - hard decision but with sensitivity

Communication - tell them what they want to know



Executive Teams - The base manager now oversees 50-75, Spread Broader

 (Cleveland Clinic Coaching Development Program.  great solution! - Ashley*** )


Job Market Post Covid - eMarket making it easier for employees to change jobs.
                More pay + 4 day work week + less stress


Physicians - New generation, empathetic, no chips on the shoulder


Nurses - shortage

Hospital budgets

No training, first in the budget to get cut


Every level needs to be profitable. Look at OR and management.  All levels


Guidestone - Roling out a huge online/gamification training. Community online. Jazzed!

Facilitator guide & Participant materials

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