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Room for Eco ART Decisions

Before creating lesson plans, ordering materials, or creating bulletin

boards for my classroom, I first decided on ways I could reduce waste in my classroom. My first supply order was for a bulk pack of 32 hair towels to use instead of paper towels. Why? Because in art, we need to think beyond what is in front of us. We need to think of possibilities. What do hair towels and possibilities have in common? These hair towels make it possible for me to say honestly to my class that I care about the environment and their future. I care enough about them and the planet they are inheriting that I can make decisions now that will better impact their future.

My second purchase for my classroom were black china markers (made of paper and wax) to replace permanent markers, which are comprised of single use plastic. China markers work beautifully with tempera paints and water colors. Thinking ahead, I hope to always make art room decisions now, that will continue to create a brighter future.

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